Who We Are

We are a small and growing congregation in Garland, Texas which embraces all paths of belief in a progressive, safe, and uplifting environment. We are a Welcoming Congregation, meaning we welcome you regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. And we are a green church, aiming for environmental sustainability and a sense of stewardship for our Earth.

Sacred Journey has gone through many transformations over the years, but our UU agreement remains: we are seekers. We understand that questioning is important, that happiness is a journey, and that we are each on our own unique spiritual path.

A great number of our congregation identify as nature-based polytheists, or pagans, who celebrate the changing seasons and the gifts of the earth.

Our morning service is designed partly to provide for those seekers, but we believe it can be a spiritual experience for people of any path. Our evening service is conducted by the group Arms of Verity in a Veritan style, though people of many paths enjoy that experience as well.

We welcome guest speakers and new ritualists. We also hold many other events throughout the year, some spiritual, some just for enjoyment.

So come and meet us. Share our food and create ties. Stand in the candlelight and feel the community glowing around you. You are welcome with us. You need only come visit.


Check out the Calendar for more information and a list of all the fun events at Sacred Journey Fellowship!


Sunday Mornings
10:30 AM Meetup, 11:00 AM Evening Circle
Sunday Evenings
7:00 PM Meetup, 7:30 PM Evening Circle
8 Celebrations annually, schedule and details
is available via the Calendar
Full Moon Ritual
Schedule is available via the Calendar


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(512) 850-4300



1215 Main Street Garland, Texas 75040
Entrance/Parking lot located behind building

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